Sunday, April 29, 2012

My cream of carrot soup

Carrots are a delicious vegetable that you can use in a lot of recipes. Today I made a cream of carrot soup. I´m used to make it in the pressure cooker because is faster. I don´t usually cook with butter but this recipe really needs it. You can make it with olive oil if you want but the taste is not the same.

 30g of Butter
1 Onion
 6 Carrots
1 Litre of vegetable stock
Salt and pepper
A pinch of thyme.

 Slice the onion and cut the carrots into slices. Put the butter and the onion in he pressure cooker and fry them lightly. When the onion is transparent add the carrots. Fry lightly 1 or 2 minutes and stir it in the meantime. Add the vegetable stock. Cook it for 15 minutes (It depends of your pressure cooker) Carrots should be soft. Add the thyme and puree it. Serve with some more thyme and grated cheese.


  1. Very healthy, I love soup.

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