Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hojuelas de carnaval (Carnival flakes)

When something is very good or is going very well, in Spain we use the sentence " miel sobre hojuelas" (honey over flakes ) Hojuelas is a traditional carnival dessert and it can be served with honey or sugar. It has several names: Hojuelas, orellas, orejas...depending what part of Spain they are from. In the North we use to make it with butter or lard and with olive oil in the South  but all of them are delicious.

 It´s Carnival so these days are perfect for this recipe. 

100gr. of Milk
2 Eggs
30gr. of Butter
1 Teaspoon of baking powder
The grated peel of a lemon
400gr. of plain flour

Olive oil to fry them
Icing sugar

Mix in a bowl the milk, the eggs, the butter and the baking powder. Add the flour and knead it until get a smooth and soft dough. 
Let the dough rest for 1 hour.
Take small portion of dough and with a rolling pin, stretch it as thin as possible. Cut it with a knife in a rectangle or rhombus shape.
Pour the olive oil in a deep pan and when the oil is hot fry the dough portions. Take them out when they are golden. Drain them on kitchen paper towels. Sprinkle the portions with plenty of icing sugar or honey and they are ready.


  1. Pues a pesar de ser fritas se ven muy ligeras! Me gustan mucho. Besos!

  2. Tienen una pinta estupenda!! Las fotos son preciosas!! Besos

  3. Hm... these pictures looks amazing! I will try your recipe